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Divine Straightening with Alexander Toskar

We are honored to host international spiritual healer, Alexander Toskar, at Quantum Clinic for healing sessions August 2nd and 3rd (subject to change). For more than 8 years, Alexander has been visiting Los Angeles to guide many along the path to health and happiness.

“In my personal experience with Divine Straightening, there was an immediate straightening and evening of my legs.”

-Rev. Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director of Agape, Los Angeles

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People from all over the world come to Alexander for different reasons. Many suffer from chronic or acute back pain, while others are seeking relief from allergies, depression, anxiety, or general fatigue. Divine Straightening can help in healing various ailments by creating spiritual order and a balance between physical, mental and emotional issues. It provides an impulse of powerful regeneration and self-healing.

Experience this unique spiritual healing with Alexander Toskar by setting up a 30-minute appointment at Quantum Clinic August 2nd or 3rd. Email your request to info@quantum-clinic.com or call our office (424) 281-4495.


  • Straighten and free the spinal column
  • Spiritual correction of pelvic tilt without physical manipulation
  • Correction of the life axis
  • Re-create the balance between physical, mental, and emotional issues 

The Session includes

  • Divine Straightening® Session
  • 3-Healing® and Spiritual Alchemy
  • Linkage of healing powers with energy bracelet
  • Instructions to healing meditations for everyday life

About Alexander Toskar:

Alexander and his wife Carolin Toskar are international spiritual healers. Through their dedication, they help guide individuals along a path to health and happiness. They founded Spiritual Health Charity e.V., a charity that aims to support the spiritual health and well-being of children and dependent adults.


“I had the most extraordinary session, I was standing with my eyes closed and I could literally feel the energy running down the whole of my spine…It’s 2 years later now and I have not been back to an Osteopath, I haven’t had any pain.”
- Sara Davenport, Founder of Breast Cancer Haven, London

“I like to maintain that I am a rational skeptic, but next day any red eczema traces around my eyes were gone.”
-Helen Croydon, Author, Journalist and Broadcaster, London.

More Resources


Principles for Spiritual Healing in Everyday Life By Carolin and Alexander Toskar. 3-Healing offers a path towards spiritual health. With his book, you will have the opportunity to practice techniques that can help you achieve inner balance and strength.

Divine Straightening

New Dimensions in Spiritual Healing By Alexander Toskar

“This book feels very timely, as it explains how we are entering a new Golden Age, where humanity has the opportunity to transform, both on an individual basis and as a whole.”

Available as paperback and eBook



About the Author

Dr. Varshini Soobiah Specializes In Integrative Medicine Protocols For Disease Management And Disease Prevention. Over The Years, She Has Created A Variety Of Programs Of Integrative Medicine, Holistic Living, And Meditation For Various Clinics And Hospitals In The USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa And Haiti To Be Used In Combination With Mainstream Allopathic Practices.