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Lose Weight with Balance


You've gained too much weight, and it's proving to be extremely difficult to lose. Or maybe you've gained weight, and you don't feel any motivation to lose it. The scary truths about weight gain and difficulty with weight loss is that it can reduce quality of life, contribute to disease and depression, and can deprive the body of the energy needed to focus on other beneficial activities, such as ridding the body of toxins.

Your skinny friend is most likely blessed with hormonal balance and an optimal internal environment, along with lots of hard work and dedication. (Needless to say, some people are just born with great bodies!) Your difficulty may be unique, and here's why: there are both active and passive processes occurring in the body that may contribute to both weight gain and the inability to lose weight. Many people who suffer with health imbalances remain unaware that their internal processes are out of balance and are the source of their inability to reach an optimum weight.


Understand how you are contributing to your difficulty with weight gain or loss is key in reaching your health goals. There are multiple pathways that may be the root cause of the challenge to lose weight in different individuals. Hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, emotional eating, stress, poor choices, lack of willpower, lack of organization, binge eating, and difficulty with preparation can all contribute to weight gain and your inability to lose weight. In order to regain control, it's important to be honest about which of these contributions you are wittingly or unwittingly engaging in. This will reveal your true difficulty with maintaining a healthy weight.


At Quantum Clinic a proactive plan and personalized protocol is specifically designed for each individual after the root cause(s) of the challenge in reaching and maintaining an optimum weight is addressed. Detoxification, intermittent fasting, journaling, preparation, restoration of hormonal balance, and integrative modalities may be used to restore the body's optimal internal environment. This customized reset will restore the body to natural harmony and balance, increase strength, and optimal body weight.

About the Author

Dr. Varshini Soobiah Specializes In Integrative Medicine Protocols For Disease Management And Disease Prevention. Over The Years, She Has Created A Variety Of Programs Of Integrative Medicine, Holistic Living, And Meditation For Various Clinics And Hospitals In The USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa And Haiti To Be Used In Combination With Mainstream Allopathic Practices.