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Dr. Varshini Soobiah specializes in Integrative medicine protocols for disease management and disease prevention. Dr. Soobiah truly embodies the term "best of both worlds" with extensive education and experience in both Eastern and Western medicine and research. From her personal experience with her own injuries through the journey of healing; she learned the plight of the patient and brings a deep sense of compassion to her patients that is unparalleled with most doctors.

Over the years, she has created a variety of programs of integrative medicine for various clinics and hospitals in the USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Haiti to be used in combination with mainstream allopathic practices.

She received her BAMS (Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from Malabar University in Kerala, India. She is the medical advisor and a researcher for Biostem Technologies in stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. She teaches Quantum Ayurveda as a faculty member of the Institute of Quantum Biofeedback and Naturopathic Medicine (IQUIM). She trains doctors, therapists and clinical owners in EPFX (QXCI) / SCIO technology. She has conducted seminars internationally on a range of topics such as managing a family with different medical needs, hygiene, meditation, implementing lifestyle changes to support new diagnosis and disease management.

Varshini spent four years in the Stem Cell and Neurosurgery Research Department at Cedars Sinai Medical Institute under Dr. Keith L. Black investigating adaptive immunity and age-related immune dysfunction related to disease and the central nervous system. Her research areas include brain tumor immunology, immunotherapy, the role of adaptive immune cells in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, CTE, brain trauma and immune dysfunction in neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism spectrum disorders.

Personal Life: Dr. Varshini was raised in a temple and has studied the Hindu scriptures since the age of five, with an early interest in science, medicine and the physics of meditation. She studied and practiced many different forms of meditation from Hindu, Buddhist, Ayahuasca, Shamanic, Vipassana, and other variations. She teaches private meditation classes and customized one on one meditation programs for individuals in-clinic to strengthen core energy and treat pain, mental, emotional and physical disease in the body.

Varshini has hosted many in-home meditation sessions where the host invites 10 or more friends to have a focused intention for a more intimate and personal group session. Often these have been to pray for a loved one, build a business model or to bring peace in tragedy. The results have been incredible for all who attend bringing about a deeper sense of peace, direction, comfort and strength.

Since 2001, while studying abroad, she has volunteered and assisted in medical support teams in India, Sri Lanka and Haiti in crisis care through the United Nations medical program and other organizations. She has gained grants, raised donations and supplies from private and public organizations in the United States and internationally, to provide much needed supplies to hospitals, clinics and philanthropic organizations. Varshini started and maintains an orphanage project while studying in India www.1LoveNow.org. She is an active citizen in various volunteer projects in her community for an organization that supplies food for 300 homeless citizens every week in the downtown, Los Angeles district.

Her passion is healing, and has worked with countless adults, children, families, groups and animals to help them harness positive energy in their lives, and embrace balance, vitality and inner-strength.

About the Clinic

Dr. Varshini Soobiah founded Quantum Clinic in Beverly Hills in 2006. Quantum Clinic focuses on immune restoration therapy, disease management, and disease prevention with an integrative approach to healing. This is a research based clinic that customizes each protocol to the unique needs of every patients.

By combining Eastern and Western therapeutic techniques, Quantum Clinic understands the body as an interconnected system that must be addressed from all angles. Working closely with doctors, Varshini helps patients wean off of prescription medications by strengthening their core foundation of health at the root cause of dis-ease. Through the use of Ayurvedic principles, nutritional changes, supplements, and biofeedback therapies, Varshini has successfully helped hundreds of patients in her clinical practice. On the testimonials page, you can find patient descriptions of their experiences at Quantum Clinic.


A Holistic Wellness Integrative Medicine Practice



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A Story

"I realize with quantum clinic you can go inside your body and hear from the inside out."

When I started my therapy at Quantum Clinic, I was given something called a CES Machine. and I just hooked these electrodes to my earlobes, and it provides me with the same kind of relaxation as meditation would.

I also received a Quantum Biofeedback Scan and it's interesting, because all the concerns that I came with were not discussed until my scan was over, but my scan brought up the issues of Candida, low levels of magnesium, constipation which has do with irritable bowel syndrone. All of the things that came up in the scan were things that I had been previously diagnosed with at hospitals or doctor's offices.

Rather than putting a Band-Aid on it, I realized with Quantum Clinic you can go inside your body and heal from the inside out. That's a big one, because healing from the outside in, you're "healing" with Tylenol, you're not really healing, your are just putting a Band-Aid on things.

So far I've only had three sessions at Quantum Clinic, but that's all I feel I need to have to feel really connected to my body and to know what I needed. And obviously your internal and external environments are constantly changing, and so I know that I could probalby benefit from having more sessions. But even one or two can change your entire life at this clinic.

So, I would say that the overall experience is very pleasant and the environment is beautfiul. Just being inside the clinic feels healing, so I with all the warm energy, the tea, and the probiotics that they offer. They just care so much about their patients, as if they're family and you can really sense that what you come in for a scan, which is really a beautiful things

— [GB]

"I can say within a few weeks of using the C.E.S. machine, I started to have positive thoughts about my future, sleep better, there was a noticeable difference for me."

Since being part fo the Quantum Clinic, I regularly received SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Scans. Those scans allow us to have a clear understanding of what's going on in my body, and how things are progressing. And, it's funny, that little machine doesn't lie. I was giving up coffee and caffeine because I was healting my adenal glands, and that's important because it is a critical step in this process of healing my body from stress on an endocrine level. I literally had one sip of coffee, that I had prepared for a family member, just to taste it to so if it was to their liking, and the machine picked up on it when I came to my next scan three days later. It's amazing technology and I can't wrap my head around it completely, but it's always accurate.

Along with that I started using the A.C.E.S. machine which recalibrates different glands in the brain and helps calm stress. I can say within a few weeks of using that, I started to have positive thoughts about my future, sleep better, there was a noticeable difference for me.

Every single member of this staff who I've met is friendly, outgoing, warm, sincere, and I feel like family here. 100%. I would trust any member of my family to come here. I highly recommend anyone who is going through a troubled time, where it's emotional, physical, a diagnosis for oneself or one's family member; I always recommend them to see Dr. Varshini at the Quantum Clinic. Here success rates are extremely high.

I've never seen such beautiful results since I've begun to work with her and Quantum Clinic. They continually impress me; they continually inspire me, and I think that's what sets this clince apart from the rest and makes it so unique. There are so many modalities, so many perspectives that Dr. Varshine has gained from her studies and her experience, and she is able to weave them together in this very unqiue way. In doing so, she is providing customized healthcare, that could not get any more specific to myself and my needs.

— [ST]

“The speed in which my symptoms went away, and the clarity with Dr. Varshini explains how your body, mind, and spirituality all tie in together and relate to each other, allowed me to learn a lot about my health and wellbeing.”

— [SE]

“I was actually feeling so physically burnt out, and I just wasn’t sure where to go, and I was trying to figure out how I could get myself back on track. And I thought to myself Oh my gosh, I just have to contact her, because I knew if anyone was going to be able to help me dig myself out of this hole, it was her.”

— [DN]

“The staff at Quantum Clinic are absolutely amazing in helping me address all the concerns of my daughter. They help me answer all the questions of what’s going on in her body and they helped me come up with a full plan to help her get back on track.”

— [TR]

“When I left, I was ecstatic, Quantum Clinic left me with a very positive experience. Kind of like you go somewhere, and you leave with a surprise gift you didn’t know you were going to receive.”

— [VL]

“I had been to 4 dermatologists, 3 internists, and an allergist [for an issue with my skin]. I was so skeptical to go to a holistic doctor because I’m in the healthcare profession myself…but since going to [Dr. Varshini], my whole perspective has shifted. [Her recommendations] all seemed to jive together and it really helped me. She’s amazing!”

— [SS]

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