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You have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Maybe you feel like you have an overactive mind and experience anxiety. You aren't alone. We've been there, too. Sleep is essential, and without enough of it we can become irritable, snappy, and develop a series of health-related issues that can deteriorate our quality of life.


Take a moment to reflect on your habits and determine how often you eat before bed. Are you consuming caffeine or sugar late at night or in the late afternoon? Can you not stop checking inboxes, watching episodes of Netflix, or internet surfing? It's also possible that you may be deficient in important nutrients. Blue light, found in smartphones and other electronic devices, is known to induce insomnia-like experiences and difficulty sleeping. Whether it is a matter of self control, restoration of balance within the body, or a mixture of both, there are ways to fall into restful, restorative sleep each night.


Practicing yoga and meditation before bed, diffusing essential oils, putting your phone on airplane mode, using Blue Blocker sunglasses to watch TV before bed (if you must), and selecting the night shift feature on the iPhone are all different possible ways to induce a more restful sleep. However, if there is a nutritional deficiency within your body, there may be a medical reason for why you are not able to sleep. By creating a customized protocol specifically designed for you, Quantum Clinic provides non-pharmaceutical remedies with integrative modalities that have the potential to induce a natural, restful sleep, and overall improve the quality of your life.

About the Author

Dr. Varshini Soobiah Specializes In Integrative Medicine Protocols For Disease Management And Disease Prevention. Over The Years, She Has Created A Variety Of Programs Of Integrative Medicine, Holistic Living, And Meditation For Various Clinics And Hospitals In The USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa And Haiti To Be Used In Combination With Mainstream Allopathic Practices.